Electronic controls and control systems

Laser control system for the medical industry
Laser control system for the medical industry
Control system for power generation unit
Control system for power generation unit

Electronic controls are necessary and indispensable for most technical devices and systems in all business sectors. The spectrum ranges from simple circuits to very complex control systems with a wide range of functions.

Electronic controls can consist of analog, digital and program-controlled circuits complete with digital and/or analog signal processing. Depending on the functional requirements and the expected production volume, we will look for the ideal approach which we will then realise together with our specialists. For the design and testing of hardware and software (firmware), we use highly productive tools and methods – including FPGA design – in order to ensure profitable results. Due to the increased use of firmware and digital storage we increase the flexibility of the applications with the aim of keeping future hardware changes to a minimum.

Many application areas such as medical engineering, automotive and railroad engineering often require solutions that must fulfil the safety requirements according to IEC 61508/IEC 61511 in compliance with the corresponding Safety Integrity Level (SIL), in addition to the functional requirements. This way, it is ensured that a safe condition occurs in case of a malfunction, and that no damage can occur. Moreover, the reliability and operating safety can be increased when redundant functions are realised.

In addition to the development and preparation of functional models for electronic controls, we are also happy to carry out the corresponding electromechanical construction and series production readiness and the manufacture of the modules. Special controls require different production technologies. Our principle “everything from one source” reduces intersection points, minimises or eliminates error sources, and shortens the time up to market maturity for our customers.

IMG Electronic & Power Systems GmbH develops and produces customer-specific modules for electronic controls and realises complete control systems. We always use state-of-the-art technologies and components. We are specialised in safety-related applications.

Safety-related electronics according to IEC 61508 / IEC 61511

Many application areas such as medical engineering, automotive and railroad engineering put high functional safety requirements on electronic control systems. In order to meet these requirements, safety-related electronic modules are necessary which ensure the reliability of the safety functions in these electrical, electronic and programmable electronic devices and systems.

There are four safety integrity levels (SIL) for functional safety which are defined in the international standard IEC 61508/IEC 61511. SIL serve the evaluation of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic (E/E/PE) systems with regard to the reliability of their safety functions. Each desired SIL requires certain construction and performance principles that must be observed in order to minimise the risk of malfunctions.

Our services

Hardware development

  • Digital and analog circuit design
  • µC/FPGA-based embedded systems
  • Bus systems, sensors, controls
  • Systems with SIL requirements
  • Systems for rail, automotive, medical
  • Circuit simulation and test
  • Placement (MicroVia, controlled impedance design, StartFlex, etc.)
  • Preparation of standardised manufacturing data and documentations
  • Used developing system "Altium Designer"

Realisation of electronic control systems

  • Development of alternative solution concepts (µC/FPGA, SIL requirements)
  • System design, interface definition, component selection,
  • Development of Hardware, creation of circuit layouts and wiring diagrams
  • Development and test of software (firmware)
  • Integration, commissioning and test
  • Technical documentation and operating manuals 
  • Circuit layout (MicroVia, controlled impedance design, StartFlex, etc.)
  • Preparation of standardised manufacturing data and documentations

Customised solutions

Our development teams have extensive know how in order to offer our customers bespoke solutions. Especially in the field of safety-related electronics, we have developed successful projects for renowned customers in medical and railroad engineering. Please contact us, we are happy to talk about your project.


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