EMC tests

We test electrical and electronical devices and systems for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Starting with a qualified consultation and preliminary measurements during the development phase, we will assist our customers in obtaining the end products qualification according to the required standards. This can save a lot of time and money in the course of the development.

EMC absorber room
EMC absorber room
EMC laboratory
EMC laboratory
Test setup
Test setup
EMC laboratory
EMC laboratory

EMC support

EMC support

Over the past years, EMC gained more and more importance in the development of electrical/electronic devices and systems. With the increased use of power electronics, more and more high frequency effects occur. At the same time, the rising cost pressure forces producers to compromise without neglecting applicable guidelines and laws. This is where our EMC support comes in. Whether it is the development phase of a project or if it is about the removal of existing EMC problems, we will support you with our services:

  • Support with the establishment of a CE certification concept as well as the EMX test planning
  • Discussion and help with the EMC-conforming development by applying EMC design rules
  • EMC simulation, signal integrity
  • Development of interference elimination concepts
  • Help with the development of a technical documentation for the product

EMC standard measurements and measurements during the development process

New 2 to 7 GHz EMC emission measurement technology

With our adapted measuring facilities, we can meet the latest CE and vehicle EMC measurements:

- electrical industrial and residential devices with internal source frequencies > 1 GHz according to EN IEC 61000-6-4/3
- Vehicle component tests according to CISPR 25
- Railroad technology EN 50121-3-2
- Radio services WLAN /IEEE
- Computer and information electronics according to the EN ITE standard
- Telephone / radio standard EN ETSI
- RFID electronics according to EN IEC 18000-5
- IC EMC measurements according to EN IEC 62132
- EMCE measurements according to BGV B11

Measurement of the interference emission according to the generic standards EN61000-6-3/EN61000-6-4

- Radio interference voltage
- Radio interference power
- Radio interference field strength
- Harmonics in electric power systems

Measurement of the immunity according to the generic standards EN61000-6-1/EN61000-6-2

- HF radiated up to 6 GHz
- HF - inflow
- Burst
- Surge
- Supply voltage drop and interruption
- Interference immunity magnetic field 50 Hz

EMC measurements at EUB according to vehicle EMC directive UN/ECE R-10 (E1)

- Interference emission radio interference field strength
- Interference emission transient impulses
- Interference immunity to vehicle impulses 1-7
- Vehicle impulses according to DIN / EN and manufacturer’s standard
- Measurements on electric vehicles and Li-Ion batteries

ETSI EN 300113-1 – EMC for radio equipment

Measurement for

- Electromagnetic compatibility and radio spectrum matters (ERM)
- Land mobile radio
- Radio equipment for data (and/or voice) transmission with constant and non-constant envelope
- Modulation with an aerial input

Other measurements, e.g. according to

- EN60601-1-2, electronic devices for medical applications
- EN50155, electronic devices for rail vehicles
- EN61131-2 (SPS), EN61326-1 (measurement and control technology and laboratory equipment), chemicals
- EN61800-3 (electrical drives with variable speed incl. converters)

Downloads (in German language)

EMV Prüfdienstleistungen

24_EMV_Pruefdienstleistungen.pdf [750 kB]

EMV Kraftfahrzeuge

25_Kfz-EMV.pdf [993,3 kB]

EMV E-Fahrzeugnachbildung

52_E_Fahrzeugnachbildung.pdf [1,49 MB]

Fachartikel: Elektromobilität / EMV

FA_IMG_Nordhausen_E-Mobilitaet-EMV.pdf [909,5 kB]


CE mark

All electrical/electronical devices with independent function are subject to the legal regulations on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). While the “Act on the Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment (EMVG)”, which was revised repeatedly until 2014, is an important guideline for the monitoring of the functionality of devices bearing the CE mark, an EU or EN ECE regulation is binding in the motor vehicle sector.

The EMC laboratory of IMG Electronic und Power Systems GmbH carries out the tests required for the CE certification and is a “technical service designated by KBA” in this field. This qualifies us to realise type testing e.g. according to UN ECE R10 and to file them with the KBA as type approval application for an E1 mark.

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