High-power electric energy storage – R&D Project

Lithium-ion energy storage
Lithium-ion energy storage

IMG is currently working on an R&D project regarding energy storage, funded by the state of Thuringia.

Topic of the R&D project:

Development of a high-power electric energy storage with lithium ion cell technology for mobile and stationary use.

Short title:

High-power electric energy storage


2015 FE 0008

Project description

The goal of the project is the development of an energy storage for electric energy based on lithium ion cells for storage capacities over 100 kWh. These storages shall be usable for both mobile and stationary applications. The voltage ranges range from some 100 V up to the high-voltage range of more than 1200 V DC.

Based on these required characteristics, highest requirements are set to the reliability and safety of the technology to be developed. It is planned to realise these storages cascadable for the respective application, and adjustable to the customer requirements at low cost by means of a modular construction system.

The envisaged target markets are no mass markets but rather special and niche applications. The planned main application for the stationary use is the storage of discontinuous electric energy, i.e. the probable target market are energy supply companies at which the energy can be stored at the place of origin.

For mobile application, we target the realisation of e-mobility for busses, rail vehicles and trams for areas without overhead lines, for trucks and work machines (construction machines, agricultural and forestry machine), as well as water vehicles, boats and yachts.

We see the realisation of this project as a significant contribution towards the protection of our environment by reducing polluting emissions in public transport and freight traffic on the road, in water and on rails, as well as to the effective use of renewable electric energy by effectively storing it at its place of origin.

Moreover, this project accelerates electric mobility which is currently realised rather slowly. With this project, we will gain extensive experience on electric drive technology with applications in the fleet area (busses, rains, vans, forwarding agents etc.), which will help reduce the costs for lithium-ion cells for the entire storage technology significantly.


The project, funded by the Free State of Thuringia, was co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). More information: www.efre20.thueringen.de.

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