Environmental simulation / component qualification

Almost every product is subject to environmental influences. This includes various temperatures and climatic conditions, mechanical stress such as vibrations or shocks, different air pressure conditions, but also water and dust.

The environmental test laboratory of IMG Electronic & Power Systems GmbH in Nordhausen can simulate a wide range of relevant environmental influences and carry out corresponding tests within the framework of its environmental testing services and the existing technology.

With our capabilities, we will support you with the development and optimisation of your products so can ensure a trouble-free operation for the entire service life, during transport, and during operation by your customers.

Combined vibration and climate test system TCV4060/TV51000/LS-340
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HCZ 3006 N
Walk-in climatic chamber HCZ 3006 N
HCZ 3006 N
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Our services

  • Tests for environmental simulation
  • Environmental simulation on individual components, modules and complete systems
  • Layer Thickness Measurement
  • Realisation of comprehensive requirement specifications
  • Functional tests and monitoring for testing and observation
  • Testing of customer-specific requirement (test parameters and requirements deviating from the standards)
  • Test reports with end results and partial or interim results
  • Help with the creation of test plans


Our laboratory for environmental simulation is accredited by the DAkkS Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle GmbH (registration number D-PL-12071-01-00).

Seal of DAkkS German Accreditation Body

Tests for environmental simulation

  • Temperature and climate tests
  • Vibration tests (excitation via fixed frequency, sine sweep incl. resonance search, sine-on-random or frequency-caused broadband noise)
  • Impact tests (excitation via classic impulse wave shape such as sawtooth, triangle, half-sinus and trapeze)
  • Combined tests under defined climatic conditions (temperatures from -40°C up to +180°C, humidity from 10% to 95% rel.)

Standards for environmental tests

We carry out temperature, climatic, vibration and shock tests for the following national and international standards:

Temperature and climatic tests

Standard Content
DIN EN-60068-2-1 Coldness
DIN EN-60068-2-2 Dry heat
DIN EN-60068-2-14 Temperature change
DIN EN-60068-2-30 Humid heat
ISO 16750-4 Climatic stress on electrical and electronical equipment for road vehicles
EN 50155/IEC 61373 Equipment of railway vehicles

Vibration and shock tests

Standard Content
DIN EN-60068-2-6 Sinusoidal vibration
DIN EN-60068-2-27 Shocks, Continuous shocks
ISO 16750-3 mechanical stress on electrical and electronical equipment of road vehicles
EN 50155/IEC 61373 Equipment of railway vehicles

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