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Wall telephone FMN B 122plus

FMN B 122plus

The comfortable wall telephone

In heavily frequented workspaces, the best place for a telephone is the wall.

Of course, not just any telephone but the wall telephone FMN B 122plus. Because its compact, closed body fits the size and design of every ambience and every wall:

With only 2 screws and without opening the housing, you can mount the telephone in any location at which you need to make a call but at which a desk telephone would be impractical.


  • Dialing system DTMF
  • Flashkey
  • Flash time adjustable (for the use of network functions)
  • 16 key DTMF pushbutton dialing
  • Two programmable external access codes (max. 2-digit)
  • 4 direct call memory with 4 keys that can be labeled
  • Mute key
  • Easy redialing
  • Electronic lock for keypad and/or programming
  • Adjustable ring volume and tone
  • Handset standby position
  • Easy wall mounting with 2 screws, without opening the telephone housing
  • It is possible to install the TAE type socket underneath the housing body
  • TAE type flexible cord
  • Connection of all cables with modular jack
  • Permanent storage of all settings without battery

Subject to change and error.


  • Keyboard cover


  • Adhesive screen to cover the number key and functional keys

Colour choices

  • Anthracite
  • Light grey

Downloads (in German language)




BA_FMN-B122plus_d_11-14_IMG.pdf [194,3 kB]


KE_B122plus_IMG_aktuell.pdf [726 kB]

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