FPGA Design

In digital technology, an FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) is an integrated circuit in which a logic circuit can be programmed according to its functional structure. At first, an FPGA is configured. In doing so, the basic functionality of individual universal blocks in the FPGA and their interconnection with each other is specified by programming structure rules. This specific configuration of the internal structured allows the realisation of various different circuits in one FPGA. The variety of FPGA solutions that can be realised ranges from simple to highly complex circuits.

FPGA Design

Our services in FPGA Design

  • Non-proprietary design with VHDL and Verilog
  • Interface integration such as PCI, PCI-Express, CAN, serial buses (I2C, SPI), field buses (CAN, LIN)
  • Simulation with ModelSim®
  • Creation of test benches
  • Various IP cores available (own and 3rd party)
  • System on programmable chip (SoPC) e.g. with Microsemi, SmartFusion / SmartFusion2
  • FPGA design acc. to SIL (extensive experience with the realisation of SIL2 and SIL3 application in FPGA design)
  • Design support and review
  • Competence and experience with Microsemi® FPGAs
  • Consulting and individual training

Application of FPGAs

FPGAs can be used in various areas of digital technology. Using them is particularly beneficial in areas that require fast signal processing and flexible circuit changes. The application field has expanded over the last years, from the simple interconnecting logic of digital modules to complex digital circuits and complete digital systems. FPGAs allow economical user-specific circuits even in small quantities.

Benefits of FPGAs

Because FPGAs can be reconfigured via software, the main benefit is that new or extended functions can be realised easily via software updates without having to change the underlying hardware.
Additional benefits:

  • Low development costs
  • Short implementation times
  • Easy configuration and extension
  • Low design risk
  • Protection of the own design (manufacturer know how
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