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Handset holders

Handset holder

Handset holders with reed sensor for public phones / multimedia and info terminals etc.

Thanks to the reed switch, it was not necessary to use mechanically moveable parts in the handset holder.

The sensor, which operates in a vacuum and is triggered contactless by a magnet, reaches a very high reliability and a much higher service life.

Moreover, the reed switch increases the resistance to vandalism impressively.

Technical data

  Version: N/O contact  

Idle state (onhook condition):

    • Switching voltage: max. 200 V DC
    • Contact load: max. 10 W
    • Switched current: max. 0.5A
    • Switching cycles at 100 V and 100 mA: min. 2x 106
    • Temperature range: -20°C up to+70°C

      Version without switch   

    without reed sensor

      Version: N/C contact   

    Idle state (onhook condition):

    • Switching voltage: max. 175 V DC
    • Contact load: max. 5 W
    • Switched current: max. 0.25 A
    • Switching cycles at 100 V and 100 mA: min. 2x106
    • Temperature range: -20°C up to +70°C

      Screw recommendations   

    • self-tapping screws
    • Diameter: 5 mm
    • Length: approx. 12 mm + thick mounting plate

    Subject to change and error.


    • complete with reed sensor or
    • without reed sensor

    Colour variations

    • Slate grey

    Downloads (in German language)

    Techn. Zeichnung / Abmessungen

    Hoereraufhaengung_mit_Reed-Sensor_d.pdf [32,2 kB]

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