Materials for EMC shielding

Resulting from the modern, high-frequency transmission technologies, highly sensitive technical systems and devices, efficient shielding to reduce the emitted interference and to increase the interference resistance is an important aspect.

Based on our practical experience as testing service provider, we have developed effective materials for EMC shielding.

EMC sealing material

We developed a thin laminate with the name “EMC sealing material” which serves the high-frequency absorption in electronic devices. The 1 mm thick polymer foil also has a flame-retarding effect due to the added high-density powder. This material is mainly used as a (door) sealant for microwave devices.

EMC plastic housing

Similar to the laminates, we developed a method to add a high-frequency absorbing powder to plastic housings directly during the injection moulding process. The powder can be added to customary housing materials (ABS, PP, PA). Without additional additives, these housings are suitable for applications in hyperfrequency ranges (e.g. vehicle interval radar).

Shielding effectiveness of a housing
Shielding effectiveness of a housing

Downloads (in German language)

Prospekt EMV-Dichtungsmaterial

39_EMV_Dichtungsmaterial.pdf [674,4 kB]

Prospekt EMV-Kunststoff-Gehäuse

29_EMV_Kunststoff_Gehaeuse.pdf [313 kB]

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