Power electronics

Power electronics as part of electronics/electrical engineering include the conversion of electrical energy with switching semiconductor devices such as bipolar power transistors, power MOSFET, thyristors, IGBT, triacs and power diodes. Typical applications of power electronics are DC/DC transducers, converters and frequency converters in fields of the electrical drive technology, energy generation and energy distribution, but also switching power supplies for various devices and plants.

IMG Electronic & Power Systems GmbH has a team of specialists in the field of power electronics, developing and producing components and devices for different applications. For example, we successfully developed and produced converters for the activation of e-machines, DC/DC transducers for on-board power supply, and special converters with boost converter function. Many of our innovative solutions are used in mobile applications such as rail vehicles, hybrid and electric vehicles as well as boats, but they are also used in stationary applications.

Converter simulation
Converter simulation

Our services

  • Concept development, design
  • System development
  • Dimensioning, simulation
  • Definition of assembly groups, component selection, interface definition
  • Circuit design, layout design
  • Software development, firmware, parameterisation tools
  • Prototype construction, series preparation
  • Commissioning, tests
  • Documentations, operating manuals
  • Service
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